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Let metadata, ONIX, templating, workflow, and integration work for you.

Cloud-based Online

With Book Connect you n quickly establish an entire online library for your data in the cloud with high-availablility accross your team and partners.

Simple Like it Should Be

Our systems take away the complexity of ONIX metadata, title management, data delivery to partners, digital sales reporting, and data integration with industry leading, simple-to-use, online solutions.

Our Team is Behind You

All our solutions are fully supported and managed by our amazing team with real publishing industry experience. Book Connect is a lot more than software.


From free solutions for publishers with less than 200 titles, we offer very affordable monthly subscription services that n sle to your needs precisely

Book One

Take control and empower your metadata with Book One. Book One centralizes all the information about your titles in one place on the web for your team to use and manage. But beyond that Book One lets you use this data to automatilly distribute ONIX to partners, create precisely targeted marketing materials, manage production scheduling and lifecycle, and even to power your website. Book One n even establish a full B2B or consumer website with online ordering right off your data!

  • Title Management
  • Branded Product Presentations
  • ONIX, Digital Distribution
  • Production Scheduling
  • Integration
  • B2B Website Option

eSales Connect

eSales Connect allows you to ingest and manage your digital sales across platforms with ingestion and reporting on vendor data - including bridges to 18 key digital vendors including: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo Books, etc.

Central Reporting

Let Book Connect’s sales reporting solutions inform your business decisions. Sales Reporting will consolidate all your digital vendor data into one comprehensive picture, as well as physil ordering, returns, and sales. Sales reporting comes in a simple version for sales reps to monitor customer’s sales through to a highly detailed ad-hoc business intelligence tool for powerful trending and business metrics reporting.


Retailers, distributors, book sellers, and even technology companies sometimes need a fast and economil way to integrate title data from many publishers. Let ONIX work for you with ONIX-Hub, a turn-key solution that will allow your company to talk "ONIX" quickly and translate that data to whatever systems or needs you have.


Over 500 Amazing Publishers trust Book Connect

Audrey Locorotondo

Taunton Press

Antonio Lorenzo

Midpoint Press

Daniel Langston


Some of our amazing partners...


About Book Connect

Publisher tools for sales, marketing, and metadata.

Book Connect is a nadian software company, dedited to tools to help publishers with data and integration. At Book Connect we understand that publishing is hard enough without spending all your time on a constantly growing list of technil and mundane tasks involved in getting the right information about your books into the hands of retailers, digital vendors, and finally the public. That’s why Book Connect offers easy to use, simple to implement, affordable solutions that will connect your titles with retailers and offer tools and signifint time-savings for your marketing, sales, and data teams. Pull all the pieces together and drive sales with Book Connect today.

Try Book One Today

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